September 2019 minutes

Seneschal - need deputies and officers
need events and stewards for next years events
So far we are doing well with our events, practices and I look forward to continuing to work with people.Exchequer - checking: $2037.38
                     savings : $2318.81Marshal - Practices are going well, looking at change of location for PA practice to the Public library com October
New Deputy - Martin PrescotMasquerade Ball: October 12th
Limited Space - Pre-reg is up
Will need help with,
hanging Flyers
and clean up after eventFestival of trees: Handled By Becca Ferns
has a group for this please refer to posts on the Shire Chat groupFeast to the Last Drop (Feast or Famine):
Menu still to be decided by hunting parties
Pre- Reg is up on FB page
Location yet to be paid
need assistance with:
hanging flyers
clean up
and take down
There's nothing here!