November Shire Minutes

Seneschal's Ideas:
Promote Shire by participating more in community ( parades, and local events, pass out event fliers at other SCA events close to dates of our events, post to other FB pages. Encourage persona and period camping more. Get Events to reflect more of a medieval fair then it has in recent years. Get events planed out to two years.
Compile and make available list of Shire Book library.
Promote AOA and shire award nominations.
Get assistance from shire to compile information on
Vendors: SCA related merchant contact Info. Both inside and out of the society.
Advertising avenues: News papers/letters, Parades, Demo locations, Radios, Other events both in and out of SCA, PUD Fliers, Chamber of Commerce (currently Zach smith is working on)
Venues Events and demos: Place, Price contact info. Rebecca has compiled a good list bu tneed more for jefferson county.
I would like to begin doing more A&S activities (Dance Brawls, Sewing Parties, Cooking experiment…
There's nothing here!