January Minutes

Shire of Druim Doineann Minutes January 2019
Call to order:623pm
Attending: Kevin Franklin, Luke Groves, Becky , John Blackburn, Jerrod Ferns, Rebecca Ferns, Karl Ayers, Zach Smith
Review old minutes:  See previous month minutes, also discussed can't use paypal for anything but incoming $$.  Ask kingdom about escrow acct
Pull and ratify new officers:  Luke Groves nominated for taking over marshall next month. 
Check with officers:
Marshall: Once Karl steps down, we can still hold practices here.  Luke wants to “contract” with Karl so it doesn't go on homeowners insurance for injuries.
Harold: working on new submission with Karyn.  No one can wear shire badge except for Harold, Kevin Franklin has been working on this with Kevin Watson.  Zach asked, why don't we get standard changed to badge?  Kevin will talk with the other An Tir Heralds to see what we can do.  Zach asked Kevin if he wanted a local herald booth at events, Kevin said just a table.
Exchequer: see fi…
There's nothing here!